Preparation For Writing


1. Body Position

2. Arm Position

3. Posture with Fude (brush)

1. Body Position

It is important for the body to be relaxed, but balanced while writing.

Sit with back straight and head raised, so you can see the entire writing surface.
When writing, remember to retain this position. Don't slump, and keep head held so that you can easily see the top of the brush.

2. Arm Position


Write with elbow held comfortably above the writing surface, allowing the entire arm to move while writing, not just the wrist and fingers.
Writing movements should be free and smooth, and moving.
Use this style when writing 4-6 characters on the one sheet of writing paper.


Rest the arm from elbow to wrist, on the table while writing, and control Fude (brush) with wrist and fingers.
Use this style for smaller characters - for example, 3-4 vertical lines per page.

3. Posture with the Fude (brush)

双鈎法(SOUKOU-HOU) - Two-hooked hold

Place the thumb on the side of the shaft facing you and gently hold the opposite side of the shaft with the index and middle fingers. Lightly rest the ring finger on, or slightly under the shaft. The two-hooked hold is most effective when using large brushes.

 単鈎法(TANKOU-HOU) - One-hooked hold


This is much the same as the two-hooked hold, although shaft is only held by the thumb and index finger, while middle and ring fingers rest lightly. When using small brushes, the one-hooked hold is best.